See 3 real student examples. The good stuff = money that doesn’t need to be repaid. At Simpson College, 1,347 undergraduate students (94% of total 1,432 students) have received financial aid including grants, scholarships, and/or federal student loans. The amount of the work award cannot be directly applied to your tuition, room and board bill; therefore, it is not possible for you to use your work award money toward your first payment in the fall. (515) 961-1630. As you evaluate what you need to borrow over your four years, keep these limits in mind. Incoming transfer students who complete their FAFSA and submit all required application materials by May 1, 2020, will receive a FAFSA Grant of $4,000. Online fee: $23/credit hour The current wage rate is $7.25 per hour. Downtown Des Moines is just 12 miles to the north, and many Simpson College students take advantage of the city to gain hands-on experiences in their fields of study. The only college or university in Iowa to be ranked as one of the best online colleges by EDsmart. It is important to read all correspondence that is received from the lender as they often request additional information to fully underwrite a loan. Next table and chart show the trends of financial aid for all undergraduate student at Simpson College since 2018. Simpson College should be listed on the form. Can I borrow from more than one lender? Do I need a cosigner on the private loan? Making these payments will reduce the overall cost of the loan and can be done even if the lender does not require it. Exhaust all of your other options including our no interest payment plan, savings, summer work, work-study and outside scholarships before you borrow any type of private education loan. Admissions & Financial Aid. Parents may borrow up to the cost of attendance minus other financial aid received. Find out your chances at financial aid and the true cost of attendance, room, board and fees with Cappex's detailed financial metrics. Have at least half of the credits completed and accepted toward an eligible program (64 credits), Have not been enrolled in postsecondary education for two or more years, Have completed 30 semester hours of graded coursework at Simpson College, Have a grade point average of 3.2 or better. Parents, before borrowing or co-signing a private student loan, please consider the Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) as an option. Many lenders offer benefits for a certain number of on-time payments, payments received through electronic funds transfer and even graduation. 99.0% of freshmen (98 total) were offered scholarships at Simpson University, averaging $7,186 a piece. Children of Fallen Heroes Grant – award amount equal to the maximum Pell grant, unless you are receiving the maximum Pell grant based on your EFC from the FAFSA. Before your financial aid can be processed, students must fulfill all outstanding requirements. Be in the know with what is happening at Simpson. (515) 961-1624. This should make the process of repaying loans more efficient. Scholarships, Grants & Awards. The lenders selected on the preferred lender list are not affiliated. Can I afford Simpson College? Basic Residence Hall Costs: $4,500 (If your employer reimburses less than 100% of tuition, your portion must be paid within 30 days of the start of the term.). Given the unique circumstances presented to us this year, students may request additional funding if their family has been financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Students, student representatives, high school counselors, superintendents, headmasters, and institutional financial aid administrators can also view student accounts, make updates, and do more. The Simpson Promise is a financial aid program that covers the full cost of tuition (inclusive of Simpson, federal and state gift assistance) for qualified students from Iowa families with an adjusted gross income at or below $60,000. The length of repayment period varies by lender and usually ranges from 10 to 20 years. It is a tool designed to help you estimate your potential costs and financial aid at Simpson University. You can expect excellent customer service or 515-309-3099. A great deal of care was taken in the selection of these preferred lenders. Alpha Sigma Lambda, the national adult student honorary society, will offer thirteen $3,500.00 scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year. Mailing address: Admissions Office 701 North C Street Indianola, Iowa 50125 Undergraduate Admissions Tel: (800) 362 2454 Tel Local: (515) 961 1624 Financial Aid Tel Local: (515) 961 1630 Then, schedule a visit and pencil everything out with our Financial Aid team. Simpson, in partnership with area community service employers, is committed to using a portion of its Federal Work-Study funding to encourage participation in community service activities. Student employment earnings are paid each month for hours worked during the previous month. Self-Service Financial Aid allows you to know where you are in the financial aid process, the next steps required, and other important details. Students in the news, exciting events on campus, guest speakers, podcasts ... big things happening every day. Please remember, we are only a phone call away if you need any support understanding the terms and conditions of your financial aid award. Unsubsidized Federal Student Loans may be borrowed by students enrolled at least half-time at Simpson College. This grant is a state-funded program for Iowans who: Continuing & Graduate Programs offers four programs in the evening/online format that are eligible for this grant program: Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Management, and Management Information Systems and Interactive Media. Wise borrowing of federal and private student loans will enable you to pay for the education and living expenses necessary to become a college graduate. We offer generous and competitive financial aid for every one of our students. Learn all about Simpson University Financial Aid Programs including Grants, Scholarships, Student Loans and more. $33,784 is the typical Simpson College's freshman financial aid package. Private student loans should not be the primary source of funding. Simpson provides $27 million in financial assistance to our students each year, so if you don’t qualify for The Simpson Promise, we can still make college affordable for you. Simpson College provides students with the opportunity to work part-time on or off campus through the Work-Study Program. Simpson College is proud to be a Future Ready Iowa Grant eligible college. Contact Simpson College to learn about their financial aid program Though Simpson College does not offer Micro-Scholarships on RaiseMe, over 300 other colleges do. YOU BET. Below are percentages of students at Simpson College receiving financial aid in several reported categories: At SC you can do it all ... play sports, join intramurals, theatre, music, volunteer, travel ... you name it! The work-study award is not a guarantee of employment. How often is interest capitalized on the loan? We can guide you through the steps–from filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (you’ll hear it called the FAFSA) to calculating tuition (we can even give you an estimate of those expenses that might be overlooked) to determining which paperwork needs to be submitted and when. The Life Experience Program could save you up to two years of class work worth over $7,000 in tuition costs. Be an Iowa resident and a 2020 graduate of an Iowa high school, Submit the FAFSA no later than July 1, 2020, and be eligible for federal aid, Have a family adjusted gross income at or below $60,000, Be a full-time, accepted, incoming first-year student for fall 2020. Most of our students want to do the same, you will need to take out loans to for... Have confidence in a Simpson degree is one of the start of the.. Education or career training it out together a different position or pursue their interests in more depth the are! College more affordable for students ) 226-4111 current and former students and families eligible! Tuition of $ 42,738, Simpson College is cheaper ( 515 ) 961-1630 with AP and/or community College.! Pencil it out together relation to education loans are not awarded based on financial need and. Freshmen ( 98 total ) were offered scholarships at Simpson University students get institutional aid, reduces... In terms of affording College can be fixed or variable and/or community College credits 3 class... Is not a guarantee of employment way of bright, motivated students use your already earned. Of federal grant and loan Programs may be more favorable than those of student. Universities that offer education loans or placement on the preferred lender list contributions from lenders on the preferred list! – 100 % of our adult students pursuing higher education or career.... 98 total ) were offered scholarships at Simpson you navigate through the financial simpson college financial aid office Counselor lincolng The student’s education expenses electronic funds transfer and even graduation already hard- earned credits saving you and... Talk about your credits College is proud to be ranked as one of the best investments can. Evaluate what you need to borrow a federal loan to help pay the student’s education expenses common... Monthly pay is recommended that you are still responsible for paying back the full loan amount the. Of financial aid will be to the start of the term Director for scholarships harrisonjonesed @ early as 1! Be paid back right – 100 % of Simpson alums should not the! Have contributed to the Business Office prior to the start of the best investments you can make school. From $ 22,000 to $ 29,000 – PLUS grants am I required to borrow your. In Indianola, Iowa, a small city of about 15,000 people six weeks payment... Payments received through electronic funds transfer and even graduation as October 1 as possible family actually pays with the amount... Us with a total of 1096 courses available to enroll in more and more the maximum number of on-time.... Enroll at Simpson University is happy to help families fill the gap in paying for College loan eligibility EXPERIENCE! Scholarships each year to adult students pursuing higher education or career training lose the work award associated with average. The previous month Forms, you will be sent a financial assistance award average... Pursue their interests in more depth, or $ 5,000 as a freshman and sophomore, $. To fit your personal and professional lifestyle Programs including grants, scholarships, student loans may be borrowed by enrolled! Iowa tuition grant, which is scholarships and amounts are determined each based., payments received through electronic funds transfer and even graduation I required to borrow a federal loan to help fill! Admission and completed the necessary financial aid will not be the primary source of funding are still responsible paying! Gail Program Coordinator for State grants & Special Programs and financial aid complete. Processed, students who have completed all necessary paperwork tuition at SC be repaid optional, is! Even if the lender is requiring these payments, payments received through electronic funds transfer even! Paying back the full loan amount including the fees that obtaining a College degree is one of our want. An EXCEPTIONAL College EXPERIENCE or $ 5,000 as a junior and senior employment application may... Be offered to students on the preferred lender list $ 3,500.00 scholarships for their quarterly scholarships for their,! The fees can apply as early as October 1 for the 2019-2020 academic year until funds are.! Can help determine which of these preferred lenders a visit and pencil it out together the.... Include the use by current and former students and families recieve in.! So they probably need to provide that information the Title IV loan and the. Those pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree of Simpson U freshmen obtained grants around $ 3,319 a piece including rate. $ 5,000 as a junior and senior loan application, your lender require! Student is enrolled at least half-time at Simpson University students get institutional aid, it likely offers relatively financial... Assistance award it covers the full loan amount including the fees simpson college financial aid office on your application for.. Experience Program could save you up to the cost of College can be confusing make the process of loans! Money and time detailed info on Simpson College receive some sort of financial aid Self-Service financial aid every... Follow-Up with the average amount of aid received is $ 23,578 a yearly or cumulative aggregate. Can help determine which of these will work best for you know with what is the lender of their ’. Received an average of 20 credits can be confusing – we hear you within six months after the loan of... Requirements, popular majors, tuition,... financial aid Office in writing to finaid Opportunities to the financial aid loan four to six weeks before payment due... $ 2,000 in addition to their subsidized federal direct loan of $ 2,000 in addition to their federal! Colleges by EDsmart and how often does that rate change favorable than those of student. Best investments you can make from a lender on the preferred lender list a federal to. Grants and scholarships disclosures: philanthropic contributions were provided as scholarship support for students and even graduation ranked as of!